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Me Helping a beggar woman!


course has brought about a tremendous transformation in me. I did it in Sep 2003 under Prasana Prabhu at Lonavala.

DSN not only makes you personally strong but also inculcates a sense of belongingness, a caring and sharing attitude towards others in the .

I got the strength, courage and skill to help and serve the needy. Personally, DSN also gave me a glimpse of the highest potential of life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Service) is one of the important aspects of the . ________________________________________________________________________

The following was an interesting conversation between me and my friend Faizaan shortly after I came back from the after Navaratri Celebrations in Oct 2005.

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Faizaan Marolia: dude man!
kv_kreddy: yup man, me back in my seat!
Faizaan Marolia: sahee hai
Faizaan Marolia: whats the waitlist status?
kv_kreddy: yesterday it was 17.
kv_kreddy: now i will check again.
Faizaan Marolia: okie
kv_kreddy: yesterday sumthing amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing happened!
Faizaan Marolia: what what?
kv_kreddy: Helped a street woman.
kv_kreddy: She is a mad woman. She went to an egg vendor and broke all the eggs.
Faizaan Marolia: baap re
Faizaan Marolia: then?
kv_kreddy: In retaliation he hit her
kv_kreddy: Her head was severely injured.
kv_kreddy: She was bleeding and
kv_kreddy: crying
Faizaan Marolia: then?
kv_kreddy: lying on the road
kv_kreddy: people were watching.
kv_kreddy: Severe injury on head.
kv_kreddy: Then I, with the help of another person, took her to a muncipal hospital
kv_kreddy: and admitted.
kv_kreddy: They put the bandage, gave injections, saline etc
Faizaan Marolia:
Faizaan Marolia:
sahee hai
Faizaan Marolia: well done
kv_kreddy: Took her X-ray
Faizaan Marolia: am proud of you!
kv_kreddy: thanks!!!
Faizaan Marolia:
Police regisetrde a case.
kv_kreddy: I got it done in such a way that nobody will be harmed.
kv_kreddy: I told them what happened.
Faizaan Marolia: haan..
kv_kreddy: and made sure eggwala's name didn't come into the picture!
Faizaan Marolia: where was all this?
kv_kreddy: N/r national park
kv_kreddy: By the way I was not there when the incident happened.
Faizaan Marolia: oh..
kv_kreddy: All I saw was..
kv_kreddy: Her in injured state.
kv_kreddy: Doctors said – she is alright.
Faizaan Marolia: good good..
kv_kreddy: All of dress was soaked in blood.
Faizaan Marolia: early morning?
kv_kreddy: – my dress –
kv_kreddy: 8:30 pm
Faizaan Marolia: oh
Faizaan Marolia: baap re..
Faizaan Marolia: so you left her after the doctors?
kv_kreddy: Because she was lying in my lap – in the auto.
kv_kreddy: Yeah –
kv_kreddy: Doctors apreciated and
Faizaan Marolia: very good of you baba.. you should maintain a blog thing and write about it.. so you remember what u did.. and when..
Faizaan Marolia: so you're inspired to stay this way in the future also..
kv_kreddy: said now ur responsibility is over and now it is the state's responsibilty.
Faizaan Marolia:
Today I am sending some Art of Living teachers to visit her and bless her.
Faizaan Marolia:
Faizaan Marolia:
may be you should open a ‘good deeds' blog.. where everyone can write in their stuff.. and help spread the good work
kv_kreddy: Yeah .. Great idea!! – Thanks
Can u try saving this conversation – I am not able to do.
kv_kreddy: – on my PC
Faizaan Marolia: have mailed it to your rediff account
kv_kreddy: ok, thnks
kv_kreddy: Got it!
kv_kreddy: My pnr has become – W/L 16!!
kv_kreddy: Urs?

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