Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam!


From Sachin Nayak

I am Sachin Nayak from Mumbai, Maharashtra. I am in computer business for last seven years and during this I was introduced to the ‘Art of Living’ by a friend who is indeed now a very best friend.

The first time I had seen the photo of Poojya Guruji on Internet on the web site I got attracted by Him. That day I decided to join the Art of Living. I did my basic course in the year 2003 and then my journey of Art of Living began. In coming years I had my Advance Course, Sahaj Samadhi Meditation and DSN course. During this courses I learnt the real essence of life, Art of meditation and reposing of self.
Then come the biggest mega event in my life that was the celebration of the Art of living. I was preparing for the function right from three months. I had to make all the arrangement well in advance I had applied to go to Bangalore Ashram fifteen days in advance for doing and luckily I was fortunate enough to come to Bangalore Ashram thanks to my beloved teacher who made all the arrangements right from tickets to Accommodation.
Doing in ashram was a wonderful to me. There was lot of activities going on for the Celebration and Guruji’s 50th birthday. All the warriors were working day and night to make the function a grant success. Of course with the grace of Guruji all was very, very easy. At last the day arrived on 17th Feb 2006 the day when celebrations started. I was up by 4:00 am had bath, did my kriya and rocketed myself to the venue at Jakkur Airfield. It was a huge ground with people all over. In the morning there was Homa, Yagya and Ganesh Pooja. There were lots of stalls with all varieties of foodstuff and other all items available. It was looking like a fair. In the evening there was the ground inauguration ceremony. 20 lac people witnessed the occasion. All the Sants, Mahatmas, Swamis from all around the world had come to grace the occasion. Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu, Ramdevji Maharaj and other prominent saints from Maharashtra and other places of the world made speeches, which were really uplifting the spirits of the people who were gathered there. The kings, presidents and other prominent dignitaries from the world had gathered to shower their feeling of love and oneness i.e. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Some of them shared their feeling about Art of Living is doing round the clock for millions of people. It is indeed the Art of living, which has spread smiles on millions of people around the world in this 25 years.
Many prominent dignities from Bangalore had arrived for the function. Tshe governor of Karnataka had made a short but very amiable speech. Former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Shri Chandrababu Naidu made an overwhelming speech and discussed about the work is doing and necessity of this course of Art of Living to be implemented. On 19th of Feb, the Honourable President of India Dr Abdul Kalam attended the function. He was delighted to see more than a million people from around the globe, who were sitting in front of him. In his speech, he explained the necessity of implementing meditation with human values and uplifting of people from to spirituality and enormously affecting the life of people. He also took oath from all the people gathered there to follow the principle to make this world a real better place to live.
Last but not the least there was the beautiful song sung by participants from around the globe ‘Vasudhaiv Kutumsakam, One world family’. It is indeed the one world family the belongingness, the love among all of us, which has brought us together. It is none other than POOJYA POOJYA SRI SRI RAVISHANKARJI, OUR BELOVED GURUJI, who has made it possible.
Lots of thanks and Pranams to my beloved Guruji.
Jai Gurudev.

By Krishna Reddy | 21:11 | 25/Feb/2006



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