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Smiling Petra from Croatia shares her Art of Living experience!

I was sitting in the amphitheater in front of Vishalakshi Mantap. Then came this cute girl asking me whether she could recharge her IPod from my laptop. I said yes but if she shares her Art of Living experiences with me. She is a university student from Croatia. She was not very good in English, so she had to take her friend's help to choose the right words while typing this.
Over to this ever smiling face:
My name is Petra. I come from Croatia and i am very happy I am a part of Art of Living. I start my first practice 8 years ago through my mother that is a teacher. First time when i did my Kriya i felt a release, i touch for the first time my freedom! At that time i still didn't know who is my teacher, the next step of my was a recognition of Him, of my beloved Guruji! He opened my heart, gave me an awareness that my only substitute that my heart is made of is LOVE! From that moment i feel more close to myself and to all people around me! i started to feel more and more that beautiful unity that i share with all amazing creatures in this world. He gave me freedom! Its such an amazing feeling! Thank you My ANGEL! Thank you GURUJI!

Krishna Reddy
Krishna Reddy
Founder and Chief Editor of A Post-Graduate from IIT Bombay, I am a social entrepreneur and Founder of iDiya Web Solutions, a Hyderabad based software company. Follow my ideas and updates on my profile !

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