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From Jyoti Trivedi

I work with LIC as ABM sales and Jan, Feb & March are the heavy months for business and taking 8 days leave in feb is a totally impossible thing in our corporation. There was a wedding in the family exactly on 17th 18th 19th of Feb coinciding with the Celebrations. I was really caught in this dicey situation and didn't know what to do? How to open my mouth and tell my parents that I wished to go to Banglore then guruji came to Mumbai in Dec 2005 and I prayed to him and immediately booked my tickets and also enrolled for the accommodation in a resort close to Jakur. Slowly I told my mother that I had made all arrangement to go to Banglore. To my utter surprise my parents immediately agreed to allow me to go to Banglore. 1st hurdle was crossed I had to get my leave sanctioned from my office. My boss was initially resisting the sanction of leave but on explaining to him the importance of AOL in my life he sanctioned my leave. I was amazed at the grace of guruji and really enjoyed the silver jubilee celebration, which was a -blowing , and I am fully established in myself and connection to guruji has achieved a new dimension. I am sure that I will do things, which I never imagined, and will be wholeheartedly involved in furthering bonds of & affection of this Vasudev Kutumbakam.
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Krishna Reddy
Krishna Reddy
Founder and Chief Editor of A Post-Graduate from IIT Bombay, I am a social entrepreneur and Founder of iDiya Web Solutions, a Hyderabad based software company. Follow my ideas and updates on my profile !

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