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Sri Sri Ravi Shankar birthday message

Sand Sculpture of Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji by internationally acclaimed Sand Artist Sudarshan Pattnaik at Puri beach in Odisha, India

Sand Sculpture of Ji by internationally acclaimed Sand Artist Sudarshan Pattnaik at Puri beach in Odisha, India

13 May 2017,
In temples, the idols are covered with so many garlands. But really all that God wants is a smile from you.

You are celebrating my birthday. As the birthday boy, I can ask you for a gift. Will you all give me a gift? If you hate anybody, you should drop that hatred. Anyone you have the slighest hatred for in your or prejudice, you have to give that to me as a gift.

See all this as a play of the consciousness. A broad vision will arise in you only when you drop the hatred. I have never said one bad word or abuse to anyone in 61 years. Nor do I have any bitterness toward anybody. You don't have to bring me flowers and sweets. You have sweetness in your mind and heart. In your heart you should have the freshness and sweetness of the flower. You don't have to be goodie goodie all the time. It is necessary to speak out the Truth. Truth doesn't mean speaking bitter.
Be happy. There is no dearth of anything. Just like there is space within and outside a vessel. Similarly there is space inside and outside you. Let this truth come into . In life there are difficulties, but there is a untouched space within us. If you know that (untouched space) then there is fullness in life. That is called Truth.

You are complete. You are full. You are the space inside and outside. ‘I am this'. When this truth dawns our hearts are free from bitterness. This thought you keep in your heart and continue with whatever you are doing. When you are working in the , there are chances to get bitter. Then remember this ‘I am complete. I am full.' then you will see all the clouds of ignorance will vanish. Meditate everyday. Not just for one day.
30 well known artists have come together and sung in the CD Ananta. I thank them all.
This is a another occasion to celebrate when all the classical artists are singing and preserving the ancient wisdom.

Krishna Reddy
Krishna Reddy
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