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Following are the words from Ratna Swaroop, an teacher from Andhra Pradesh, who taught a basic to my sister and brother-in-law in the first half of Feb 2006.

Dear Mr Reddy,
Jai Gurudev.
As soon as I came back from the Art of Living , one long pending technical
problem got solved on its own with in a week.
One of the Ammonia refrigiration compressor was not running properly for
the last 7 months. (ie since Aug 2005) I am working as Sr.
Manager-Instrumentation in Nagarjuna Fertilizers, Kakinada and I am held
responsible for ensuring smooth running of this compressor along with
Mechanical & Operations dept. How ever there was more pressure on me to
deliver results, as Eevery one felt it was an instrumentation problem.
Believe me, no one has diagnosed the problem properly and we did nothing
from Instrumentation, but compressor was running smoothly, giving relief to
me and the top management. It was a real mystery.


By | 16:12 | 27/Feb/2006

Krishna Reddy
Krishna Reddy
Founder and Chief Editor of A Post-Graduate from IIT Bombay, I am a social entrepreneur and Founder of iDiya Web Solutions, a Hyderabad based software company. Follow my ideas and updates on my profile !

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