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Where “I” dissolved!

Celebrations – where “I” dissolved.

From Preeti Prabhu
He called me for the Art of Living Silver Jubilee Celebrations, so I went. (But my was chattering
constantly, trying to find “good” reasons etc) Envied my husband who
had no dilemmas whatsoever. Who did not wait to get opinions. Applied
for leave, got his flight tickets, just sat happily and waited. I am
back now and every cell filled with contentment and gratitude.

Since I hail from Bangalore I thought an event of this magnitude would
be a tough challenge for the city to say the least. If one VIP comes
there, traffic arrangements go haywire. There were millions yet I do
not recollect our bus ever getting delayed due to traffic congestion!
The traffic flowed smoothly – and all of it flowed to jakkur !

When I saw the rows and rows and endless rows of thousands of buses
lined up at the Jakkur airfield it really brought tears to my eyes.
How was it all happening ?!

The people – from the poorest of villages to the richest of countries.
From babies a few months old to people with walking sticks everyone
had gathered there for the of one!

Heard “Jai Gurudev!” in many many accents and exchanged smiles in the
one universal language of love.

The stage was so huge you had to see it to believe it. If you stood
right opposite the stage, you still needed powerful binoculars to see
anybody on it ! And the venue was so stupendiously huge that when we
got off at first, this huge stage was not visible !

In Gita Guruji tells a story of how once thousand people
were meditating in the presence of Bhuddha, and there was pin drop
silence. The king happened to pass by and he was so moved that he
became a disciple of Bhuddha. Everytime I heard that, I used to wonder
what it would be like to meditate like that. Now I know. Around
sunset, with cool breeze blowing all around came the divine voice of
Guruji, So Hum ! I felt I was alone. I felt the oneness and the peace.
I felt the infinite blessing of the Lord!

And it was a delight to watch him as usual, playful and smiling like
nothing was happening! What would be impossible to achieve for any
single with a million trained armymen perhaps, he had achieved
with men of no formal training. With those who only had their hearts
filled with love. And this love brought forth the commitment and
everything else that was required!

A million thanks to all the volunteers of Bangalore and everywhere
else who made this event such a big success. Who let his love flow
through them and made his vision a reality.

A million zillion pranams to Guruji for doing only what his great love
for each and every one of us can do !

Some photos of the event by Sriram here

Jai Gurudev !

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Krishna Reddy
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