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Musical Symphony at Art of Living Silver Jubilee

This is a of the grand south Indian musical symphony of 3800 musicians on the majestic stage of the Art of Living Silver Jubilee celebrations held at Bangalore from 17th to 19th February 2006. This is the world's largest ever stage.
The symphony consisted of 650 Mridangams, 100 Ghatams, 100 Kanjeeras, 138 Tavils, 30 Morsings, 770 Veenas, 782 Violins, 10 Vichtra Veenas, 60 Tambaras, 10 Mandolins, 750 Flutes, 138 Nadaswarams, 92 Saxaphones, 20 Keyboards, 150 Guitars.
Video of the Symphony
Krishna Reddy
Krishna Reddy
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