Krishna Janmashtami


Wish you all a wonderful Sri Janmashtami!
Do you know what is Krishna?
Krishna is the consciousness, the field of all the wonderful possibilities!
And it is your very nature!
You are made up of the same consciousness.
You know this secret?
Consciousness, God, Life, You – all are synonymous!
This is the truth although it takes a calm to realize this simple, yet profound truth.
Here bookish or something that you have heard will not help.
You have to explore and it practically through and an enlightened Masters”s guidance.
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Enjoy the following article on Krishna by H H .


 Krishna means the most attractive . . . It is the divinity that is the most attractive; the energy that pulls everything to it. Krishna is the formless center which is everywhere. Any attraction from anywhere is coming only from Krishna. Often people fail to see the spirit behind the attraction and merely hold on to the outer shell. And the moment you try to possess the shell, you will see Krishna has played a trick and you will be left with an empty shell in your hands and tears in your eyes.
 Be clever like Radha — don”t be tricked by Krishna. Krishna could not escape from Radha, for her whole world was filled with Krishna. If you can see that wherever there is an attraction, there is Krishna; then you are Radha, you are in your center.
 The mind moves towards beauty, joy and truth. Krishna tells Arjuna, “I am the beauty in the Beautiful, the strength in the Strong, the wisdom in the Wise.” In this way he arrests the mind from moving away from him.


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