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Beware of politicians with ulterior motives

Some politicians and parties have ulterior motives. They create their own enemies to deceive and cheat people. Chiranjeevi (Prajarajyam party), NCP, Kejriwal are some of worst examples of this kind of deceit!
They are the worst enemies of our people and country. Beware of such thugs. They divide people on the basis of caste, , region etc to gain votes.

See this speech by Ji on this …

Padmavathi Karri
Padmavathi Karri
I worked as a teacher for about three decades in the government schools of Andhra Pradesh. I retired as a principal in MPP School in Polamuru, in East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh. I am passionate about education, farming, gardening and rural women empowerment. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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  1. I have also been doing the Sudarshan Kriya for the past few years.
    When I joined the course in college, I was taking medication for depression and was facing severe academic and personal issues.
    I would not speak to anyone unless it was completely necessary. I used to spend time on my own and brood.
    Now with the knowledge and practice of meditation, I still spend time on my own but I do not brood or feel unhappy at any time.
    There are lots and lots of problems and issues but I seem to breeze through them without the stress that accompanies such situations.


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