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Best v/s worst paradox!

Life is full of contradictions and ironies.
Truth is always self-contradictory!

I am the best and worst..
I am the most intelligent and most foolish at the same time!
I am good and bad at the same time!
I am a multi-dimensional guy but think linearly some times..

I am the best and worst..
I am full as well as empty at the same time.
I am “everybody” and “nobody” at the same time! [1]
I am vast like sky and deep like sea at the same time!

I am the best and worst..
I am the most perfect and a crackpot at the same time!
I am a dreamer as well as realist.
I am the world”s best Dal maker, yet worst cook [2]

I am the best and worst..
I am ignorant, yet most knowledgeable!
I am rich, yet the poor!!
I am a well-educated man and illiterate simultaneously!

I am the best and worst..
I am a good mathematician, still bad at calculations! [3]
I am an innovator but don”t know what to do at times!
I solve everybody”s problems but still I have some problems!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am the best and worst..
There is no impossibility for me, still I can”t do some simplest! tasks!

George Bush is a stupid guy, yet he did some smart things!
Her “letting go” is her biggest strengh as well as her worst weakness many a times!

I am the best and worst..
Einstein: Most ever intelligent in the mankind history. But he was a slow thinker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isaac Newton: Was the GREATEST ever scientist, but he did stupid things. [4]
Osama Bin Laden is the cruelest guy, yet he is kind [to his family and team-members (terrorists!)]

I am the best and worst..
I see/touch matter ONLY but I know I have a ! [5]
I am a physicist and spiritualist! [6]
Light is waves yet it is particles (photons)! [7]

I am the best and worst..
History”s best computer innovators/pioneers were NOT computer scientists, but they ARE physicists & mathematicians. [8]

What you see is NOT truth; Truth is beyond our /common sense. [9]
You practically “see” a mirage which never exists!

I am the best and worst..

Light travels in straight-lines ONLY, yet it BENDS too!!
I can”t “see” “myself” but I know I exist!
I will die in a few decades, still I am ETERNAL; I know I will never ever die! nor was I ever born!!

Tamasoma Jyotirgamaya..


Too much to digest?? Just take a cold water shower 🙂
My other blog: Krish Wonders Blog!

1 Watch Matrix movie or read Vasishta/Bhagavadgita to understand this!
Dal is the only thing I can cook! But my Dal tadka has a huuuuge fan following!!
3 I am slow at adding three 2-digit numbers! Solving a multivariable partial differential equation of 20th order is much easier!!
4 Newton
made one big hole (in his door) for his large (pet) cat (to enter) and another small hole for his kitten. Eventually both the cats ended up using the big hole only!
And I have never “seen” your mind; BUT I KNOW for SURE… You HAVE a mind!!!!
A physicist is concerned with physical, “material”/”tangible”/”visible” matter and measurable energy. A spiritualist is concerned with mind and consciousness (spirit). By the way, mind and matter complement each other! there is no contradiction, they are different sides of the same coin!!
Same with matter – Schrodinger Equation
Pioneers in Artificial Intelligence, parallel processing etc etc were physicists; Internet was invented at CERN labs, its not Yahoo, Microsoft or Apple….
9 It is
technically/scientifically/theoretically&practically POSSIBLE to
travel into 1000 years future within just a few minutes!

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