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Happy Dussera!

Happy Dussera to all!
H.H. 's discourse on and Vijayadashmi

Here is a very special discourse (not verbatim)… enjoy ! 23rd.Oct.2004 – Vijaya Dashmi – Dussera

Q. Was this Navratri different?
A. Every day is different. Every moment is different… like every person is unique.

Q. Should reservation be there?
A. Reservation should not be there. All are equal.

Q. Whats the difference between truth and faith?
A. What you don't know as truth, but believe in it, is truth. If faith is not there then truth is not there. And its truth which creates faith. When is at peace then truth and faith both are there. When mind is feverish then problem occurs.

Q. During Chandi Homa why the coconuts were broken when the kalash was been taken?
A. In your house when you use a phone there is a transformer which converts the incoming high energy to low energy. Like that, energy in kalash is so much that you have to break a coconut to control it a bit.

Q. Guruji, we should follow our instinct or others advise?
A. Sometimes instincts, sometimes advise. When you are thirsty and want to drink water, and if somebody says don't drink water, then follow your instincts. If you are feeling sleepy and somebody says you don't sleep, then you follow your instincts. But if somebody says don't drink and drive, then you listen to their advise. Similarly, if you are driving and feeling sleepy then listen to the advise and not sleep.
In your life you have to take advise and opinions from people. Be an open book and not a closed mind.

Q. Guruji, whats your view about conversion?
A. Conversion from hardness to softness, rudeness to caring, selfishness to , is required! From small guage to broad guage and not narrow. This is necessary.

Q. Why are there so many mysteries in this world?
A. For you to wonder. Thats why this world is wonderfull, full of wonders.

Q. Why do people fear death?
A. They don't know what is . Love becomes fear in them. Not everybody fears death – terrorists, suicide bombers don't fear death. Only selfish people fear death. People on path of service don't fear death. And, a little fear doesn't matter.

Q. Why knowingly we do something wrong? And, regret later.
A. You knowingly do something wrong because you get joy in it. You regret later because your consciousness doesn't like that act of yours.

Q. How was your Pakistan visit?
A. Very good. In Pakistan this is so much needed. After 55 years somebody made a spiritual visit there. They said, for the first time they felt that India has embraced them. Their text books don't talk about Buddha, Mahavir, Nanak Dev. Many don't know who was . There are only a couple of lines about Mahatma Gandhi saying that he and Jinnah brought Pakistan. They don't know about Chandragupta and Ashoka, the famous Indian kings. They are good people. Some of them came here recently and participated in Advanced course. They really cried when satsangees said “we love you all!”

Q. Do you believe in aliens?
A. Believe? I am one.

Q. Guruji, whats the meaning of Navratri?
A. Ratri, “ra” means giving solace. Solace from 3 types of problems, that “tri” – physical, ethereal and causal. Ratri relieves you and puts you to sleep. No animal needs to worry at night. Whether happy or unhappy everybody goes to sleep. In sanskrit, words are connected to the meaning. This leaf (tied on the stage) is “parna”. It absorbs sun rays and
photosynthesis happens. Similarly there is “aparna”. That which doesn't absorb but radiates – like mirror. This white cloth (pointing his white robes) is “aparna”. White color doesn't absorb, it reflects. Similarly green is “parna” as it absorbs.

Navratri has two meanings – New Night and Nine nights. It takes 9 months for a child to be born. Child rests in the womb during this period. Similarly in Navratri you get back to the self – self referral. Dip into yourself and then you come out with more creativity and be victorious. Negative forces – craving and aversion get relief from all these. Go to the source of energy.

Craving and Aversion are two asuras (demons) like “Madhu” and “Ketav”. Then is “Raktabijasur”, that which is in your genes. “Rakta” means blood, “bija” means seed. Raktabijasur is like gene in the blood. Sometimes your behavior is not in your control – its in your genes, Raktabijasur. Medication and meditation are required to tackle Raktabijasur. When such energy comes to you transformation happens, the genes change.

Then is “Mahishasura” – dullness. Dullness like buffalo. You need “shakti” (energy) to deal with this. When shakti comes inertia is lifted out. “Shumbh” “Nishumbha” – doubting on everything. “Shumbh” means doubting oneself and “Nishumbh” means doubting others. Doubting at every step. These days people are so busy. Mind is so clogged, so occupied, no time to think of oneself. If someone insults you don't think it as intentional.
“Chanda” and “Munda”. Chanda means opposite head. Chanda will oppose anything you say. One who cannot agree with anything. “Munda” does not have a head at all. Whatever you tell them, it will all go in air. Then is “Dhumralochana”, “Dhumra” means smoke and “lochana” means eyes – smoky eyes. They see everything hazy.
All this is due to lack of Shakti. When you are full of energy and enthusiasm none of these rakshasas (demons) can come in you.

Q. If these Rakshasas were killed then why do they still exist.
A. Creation happens everyday. Its happening in every atom in space. As a child you were Chandi. Chandi means stubborn. Stubborn without any reason.
They are all part of one divinity. All play and display of one consciousness. You would say if devi is so powerfull then why would she come with weapons to fight with rakshasas, why doesn't she kill them just like that. Its all to make it more playful. Through these weapons even these asuras become purified. Its all one consciousness that plays these roles and comes back.
Creation happens everyday and destruction happens everyday. Its not a one time activity. Its a cyclic phenomenon that makes the whole world so interesting.
Everything is cyclic and not linear – this is India's biggest contribution to the world. Truth is spherical. Time is spherical.

Q. We go deep in ourself when we are in sorrow. Isn't there the other way of going deep?
A. If sorrow takes you deep inside then you have not really gone deep inside. There is no sorrow in the deepest – the core. Wake up in knowledge and you will not find any sorrow. Whatever sorrow is there its because of foolishness. When you look with a broad vision there is no sorrow. There are two ways to get rid of sorrow. Either you kill the sorrow with knowledge or you go through it. In latter you cry and after sometime you will calm down.

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